TOWER BLOCK is a multi-faceted historical initiative aimed at documenting and disseminating information about the great post-World War II mass housing drive.

Who are we?
The project was initially launched by Miles Glendinning and Stefan Muthesius in a fieldwork and research programme in the late 1980s into mass housing in the UK, published in definitive form in the 1994 book, Tower Block. This book and associated archive materials have now been transformed into an online public resource through this website, based at the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies, Edinburgh College of Art, and set up with the ongoing support of English Heritage and other public bodies.

What do we do?
Initially focused on the UK, the project is potentially of wide-ranging international scope. TOWER BLOCK is concerned exclusively with ‘public’ or ‘social’ mass housing programmes built or directed by the state. Architecturally, it focuses especially on large-scale Modernist complexes including high blocks. Its aim is to collect and disseminate information about this great heritage of C20 social struggle, both in the UK and architecturally.

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